Registered Nurses

Resus Nelson provides NZ Resuscitation Council CORE Immediate & CORE Advanced CPR training programmes. Training is recommended at the discretion of your organisation.

The course content meets the standard required for the National Immunisation Schedule: see Appendix 4.3—Resuscitation requirements for all authorised vaccinators and pharmacist vaccinators.

CORE Immediate participants receive pre-reading 1 week prior to the 4 hour course.

CORE Advanced participants receive pre-reading 3 weeks prior to the 8 hour course.

Pricelist for CPR training per person

CPR Level Cost + GST Total
CORE Immediate $200.00 $30:00 $230:00
CORE Advanced $400.00 $60.00 $460.00

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Scenario Training

We also deliver practice-based scenarios, supporting the nursing team to respond appropriately within your workplace to an emergency situation, aiming to improve patient care.

Guide Pricelist for scenario training: Per person

Scenario Type Cost  +GST  Total
Workplace Scenario $50.00 $7.50 $57.50
Construction Scenario $60.00 $9.00 $69.00

Medical Emergency Scenarios: Health Professionals

Please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours.

Group size Cost +GST Total
Up to 6 people $210.00 $31.50 $241.50
7-12 people $390.00 $58.50 $448.50
13-18 people $570.00 $85.50 $655.00
More than 18  Please discuss



Please contact us for an enquiry into scenario-based training for your team.

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The Resus Nelson team came to our Dental Surgery to update our CPR skills and Emergency Response Procedures. There were 15 of us present and Natalie and Rosie were very professional and well up to date with current Codes of Practice. They taught using real life situations in the Surgery environments which were informative, relevant to our Practice and presented in a way that was a relaxed and fun learning experience. We would not hesitate to use their Services again and to recommend them to other businesses. - Claire Hayes, Nelson Dental Centre