Resus Nelson is able to provide NZ Resuscitation Council Basic Life Support = NZQA unit Standard 6402 for ongoing CPR accreditation every 3 years.

Individual pharmacists who are immunising are required to attend a Resuscitation course for vaccinators or CORE Immediate course if they use oxygen and airway adjuncts as part of their emergency equipment. Accreditation every 2 years

Content of the course meets the standard required for the National Immunisation Handbook Appendix A4.2- Resuscitation requirements for all authorised vaccinators and pharmacist vaccinators please click  here to follow the link for more information on the policy.

For more information please see Pharmacy council first aid policy please click here

Pricelist for CPR training per person

CPR Level Cost + GST Total
Basic Life Support $80.00 $12:00 $92:00
Resuscitation Training for Vaccinators $140.00 $21:00 $161:00
CORE Immediate $200.00 $30:00 $230:00

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Scenario Training

We also deliver practice-based scenarios, supporting the pharmacy team in responding appropriately within your workplace to an emergency and aiming towards improved patient care.

Guide Pricelist for scenario training: Per person

Scenario Type Cost  +GST  Total
Workplace Scenario $50.00 $7.50 $57.50
Construction Scenario $60.00 $9.00 $69.00

Medical Emergency Scenarios: Health Professionals

Please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours.

Group size Cost +GST Total
Up to 6 people $210.00 $31.50 $241.50
7-12 people $390.00 $58.50 $448.50
13-18 people $570.00 $85.50 $655.00
More than 18  Please discuss



Please contact us for an inquiry into scenario-based training for your team.

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We regularly use Natalie and Rosie to run emergency scenarios in our own practice. Not only are they highly-skilled themselves, they have the ability to communicate those skills in a really effective and supportive way. We find it extremely valuable, particularly because they are well-organised so you don’t end up paying for down time. - Sharon Brinsdon, Practice Manager, Nelson Family Medicine